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Picket Fencing.

A picket fence is a great solution that offers value for money and a traditional style. It clearly marks out boundaries within your garden and is perfect for front gardens as it lets in light and doesn’t block line of sight to your home.

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Slatted Fencing.

Slatted fence panels are modern and contemporary whilst providing increased privacy and security. They typically come in two variants, ‘Venetian’, which allows light to pass through and ‘Hit & Miss’, which alternates slates to block out light.

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Close Board Fencing.

Close Board/Feather Edge fencing balances a traditional and versatile look with the added benefit of increased privacy. It comes in different styles and typically consists of vertical timber slats that slightly overlap, providing a secure solution your garden.

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Larchlap Panel Fencing.

Larchlap or Panel Fencing is an attractive style of fencing when replacing existing panels from damage or when hoping to or when hoping to create a cost effective perimeter. The panels feature overlapping slats which run across the width of the panel horizontally.

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